Specifically this one commercial about a man being reincarnated as a puppy. He’s in heaven because he’s being kissed and fondled by a gorgeous model. But then the model hands the puppy over to her hideously portrayed grandma, and the puppy wants to kill himself.

What is the point of this misogyny? What the hell is the matter with this society that it feels compelled to ridicule any woman past the age where she is deemed sexually attractive and therefore useful to men? No wonder middle-aged women are going bonkers: first they’re zapped by total hormone chaos that gives them hot flashes and black depressions, and then society tells them that if they’re not invisible, they’re ridiculous.

When I get older I’m moving to Europe, where old women are not only respected but are encouraged to become as goofy as they want.

From ‘Get Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth, I’m Kissing You Goodbye’ by Cynthia Heimel

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