I’ve lost a bit of weight recently, and all my clothes are falling off me (ooer, missus). So I went shopping to buy some new clothes in a smaller size.

I chose a few things in BhS*, but when I got to the till, the sales assistant said: “If you let me keep these for you until 5 March, you can have 20% off**.”

So that’s what I did.

I had been quite prepared to pay full price, now I’ll pay 1/5 less (assuming I do go back on 5/3).

It’s good news for me and for all the other customers who’ve taken up the offer. But maybe it’s not so good news for BhS.

As the owner of my own business, I do believe it’s good to generate goodwill, in the hope of increasing customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing. But – when you (or your staff) give away a guaranteed sale – it’s not so good for the bottom line.

* Note for young people: BhS used to be called British Home Stores, possibly because they were based in Britain and they sold things for your home.

** Note for everybody: The 20% off offer only applies to BhS card-holders.

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