Did you know YouTube is now the second most popular search engine?

In keeping with the advice I give clients about video being the newest way to market yourself (especially when you are what you are selling), here’s my first mini training video. A series of marketing videos will follow, each linked to guest blog posts and my book.

I’m feeling a bit shy about featuring in my own little movies, but I hope you find them useful.


Notes on using video marketing

1. Many people’s preference for taking in information is TV and cinema rather than reading. Despite this benchmark, the level of professionalism in video has dropped to home-made standard (just as print production levels dropped with the advent of desktop publishing).

2. I’ve found it’s surprisingly easy and affordable to shoot, edit and upload videos to YouTube with a Flip video camera.

Notes on being a ‘TV star’

1. Ooer, you can see how long my hair has become since my profile photo was taken a couple of years ago! Maybe I’d better arrange some new shots. Or get a haircut.

2. I much prefer directing to starring; I did my best, but I’m certainly not a natural in front of the camera. In fact, the friend who helped me during the shoot told me I’m “no Keira Knightley”. My hopes of appearing with Johnny Depp in the next Pirates film have been forever dashed 🙁


Doug Jenner · October 13, 2010 at 11:29 am

Like it, Jackie!Cheers,Doug

Jackie Barrie · October 13, 2010 at 12:26 pm

Thanks, Doug. It's much more scary to 'put yourself out there' as a talking head instead of just contributing the words!

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