If you’ve been reading my newsletters [or this blog] for any length of time, you’ll know that one of the ways to move up search engine rankings is to have inbound links to your website from other, relevant, highly ranked sites.

You will also know that 21st century marketing is about providing added value, not a hard sell. The more you demonstrate your expertise and give away advice in the form of hints and tips, the more people will trust you are worth paying what you charge.

There are oodles of sites where you can upload articles, but only one where your submissions are checked by human beings (which gives it great credibility). That site is ezinearticles.com and I heartily recommend it. By the way, it’s free!

Simply write new articles or tweak and recycle articles you’ve already written for your website, newsletter or blog, and upload them following the ezinearticles rules. Make sure you add a link to your site in the signature section.

Apart from reading them there, people can reproduce your articles in their own blogs, always crediting you and linking back to your site.

Set up Google Alerts (it’s free!) to track usage, and Google Analytics (also free!) to monitor the surge in inbound links.

Read my articles (you may recognise some of them). In the first couple of weeks, I noted 10% more visitors to my site.

(The next step is to collate your articles into a printed or e-book.)

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