In principle, I don’t like to buy anything spontaneously, just because someone selling something has knocked on my door at a time when I’m in.

I prefer to know what I want, then shop around to find the best supplier, then buy it in my own time.

I don’t buy tea-towels on my doorstep. I don’t buy fish. I don’t even give to charities other than the ones I already support.

A couple of weeks ago, a double-glazing salesman knocked on the door. Unusually, I did actually want a quote to repair some double-glazing. OK, I said, I will let your chap come round and quote. We agreed a time of 4.30 pm that afternoon. The guy didn’t turn up.

Two weeks later, the double-glazed porch door fell off its hinges.


I wonder.

I can tell you that the double-glazer who fixes the door will be any firm but the one who didn’t turn up when they said they would.

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