That was in a doctor’s letter sent to me some years ago after a routine test.


I didn’t even know they were testing for cancer!!! Suddenly, I was worried about something that I hadn’t been worrying about at all before.

The current slogan being used in the ad campaign for Dolland & Aitchison opticians reminds me of that letter.

They state, “We promise to treat you like a person, not a sausage”.

Until I saw that, I didn’t know that other opticicans do treat people like sausages. Presumably that’s what D&A research uncovered, but I must admit, it’s not been my experience. In fact, I left them a while ago for a local optician who gives a more personal service than they did!

Now I’m worried about D&A. Surely that can’t be the best thing they can find to say about themselves?

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