I was researching today’s post when I discovered another blog about Bad Ads.

“Whaaaat!” I hear you cry.

Why yes. And it’s a whole lot better than mine is. Longer. Funnier. With more comments. AND with the opportunity to submit ads and vote.

It’s even won prizes!!!

Why not get yourself a cuppa, click the link above and have a read? (Warning, do allow plenty of time for this, you’ll be sorry to miss any.)

Then come back here for an alternative view. More female, succinct and upbeat. Maybe.

*Note to self: Have a good rant in future. It obviously works.

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Silky · February 28, 2008 at 9:18 pm

Hi Jackie,Thanks for the mention, the link and the compliments.I always love reading others’ takes on the ads – particularly those which are more succinct and upbeat (I promise there are some TV ads I like!!). So you can count me as a new Bad Ads reader.

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