I like to think my buying choices are not affected by adverts. But of course they are. For instance, for the past few years I’ve been buying my car insurance via confused.com. When I first saw their TV ads I thought “Brilliant! They’ve solved the problem of spending hours on the phone or Internet repeating your details every time!”

Last week I travelled on the tube to meet a friend in London.

In front of me was an ad by moneysupermarket.com. I’ve also seen their ads on TV, but buyer apathy meant I stuck with confused.com as my comparison site of choice.

Not any more.

The Money Supermarket ad displayed the results of independent research by Ipsos MORI of the number of cheapest quotes out of 100 for car insurance.

As I writer, I always carry pen and paper with me in case inspiration strikes. In this case, I noted down the numbers for you:

Money Supermarket 42
Tesco Compare 22
Confused 19
Go Compare 17
Compare The Market 13
USwitch 9

OK, so they don’t add up to 100. I’m guessing some of the sites offered the same cheap quotes. And I don’t know what spec of car they quoted for. I’m guessing it’s one that shows their results more favourably.

Because we’re all busy people, we take short-cuts when we can to save time. For me, next time I need car insurance, I’ll go to Money Supermarket. I’ll wait until then to see if I like their site as much as I like(d) Confused.

Because sometimes numbers speak louder than words.

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