• CobblerCobblers’ kids have no shoes
  • Builders’ houses are the worst on the block
  • And marketers are so busy working on their clients’ marketing that they have no time to do their own

I’ve been speaking, training and writing about websites for years. Meanwhile, embarrassingly, my own website was only about 75% of what it should have been.

So, after two years of research and development, and four months of intense working before, after and around client projects, here at last is my new website.*

Ta da!

These are some of the key changes you might notice:

  • I’ve realised that most people buy me because I’m me, not because I trade under the name of Comms Plus. So the new site lives at jackiebarrie.com. There are new email addresses to go with the new URL/web address.
  • I still do hands-on copywriting for clients, but I also train them how to do it themselves, speak about it at conferences and seminars, and repackage my advice into books and ebooks. The new site reflects these different aspects of the business more realistically.
  • I have combined all my blogs into one. It’s separated into categories including: Writing Without Waffle for marketing and copywriting advice, Wordy humour for entertainment and fun, Client comments for testimonials, and Portfolio for examples of recent work.
  • To my shame, the old site wasn’t mobile-friendly. It worked perfectly, but it wasn’t ‘responsive’ so you had to scroll around to view it properly. Now, it’s on WordPress (like 18.9% of the world’s websites) so the navigation works seamlessly on mobile devices.
  • I’ve incorporated more video, because all the evidence shows that people prefer to consume Internet content that way.

Those are just a few of the changes I’ve implemented so far. New courses and freebies will follow. I also plan to redecorate the office so it becomes a more inspirational environment in which to work, and so that the background looks fantastic when I’m doing video calls and Google Hangouts.

If you are considering an upgrade to your own marketing, let me know.

*I should point out that client sites can be done in as little as five weeks. Mine took longer because I had to fit it around client work.

photo credit: Arrrrt via photopin cc


James Coakes · April 23, 2014 at 7:59 pm

If your own website was 75% of what it should have been then you’ve not been doing badly. I think video is a smart move, it’s certainly how people are increasingly taking in info. So why don’t I have video myself? Cobblers shoes.

Andy Fairgrieve · April 24, 2014 at 8:54 am

I know the feeling. I had to scrap my website as the type of work I’m doing has been changing so much that it had begun to make no sense. And what am I doing? Creating video content for everybody’s websites. Do I have a showreel on LinkedIn at least? What do you think? We say ‘Cobblers bairns’ in Scotland.

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