Bad news: My trusty old printer broke down
Good news: My friendly local IT guy thought he could repair it
Bad news: The part it needed was no longer available so it had to go to printer heaven (the tip > landfill)
Good news: New printers are cheap and I found one easily at my regular supplier
Bad news: Pound for pound, printer ink costs more than gold
Good news: The new printer prints with nice dense colours
Bad news: That means it uses ink more quickly
Good news: It needs separate cartridges for CMY and K so I don’t have to replace a whole cartridge including leftover ink when just one colour runs out
Bad news: I seem to be replacing cartridges every 5 minutes
Good news: Compatible cartridges are available to save money on branded cartridges, and cartridges can be refilled and recycled to save waste
Bad news: Except Epson.

Naughty Epson. Black mark.

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