There’s this:


And there’s this:

And then there’s this debate about the objectification of women

For example:


6:24 am on November 16, 2009

To, to summarize:

We have a girl in tight short and the camera person can not stop focusing on it, being a total ass and highly unprofessional, rude and disrespectful.

BUT the girls was not… for instance mad, she was flattered. ’cause you know, all girls want to be perceived only as attachment to their legs/ass/boobs.

All women want to be perceived as sex objects period.

Due to the second ad in which is directly stated that 1st women do not want to exercise to feel good in their bodies, but to be noticed by men and 2nt, consequently, be envied by the women who failed to attract that attention to themselves being with different body types than the “normative”.

And last but not least, your boobs are talking!!!! (WTF??)

They are portrayed as jealous (using them to refer other women and their supposed reaction to your fabulous new BUTT and legs which you achieved by wearing pink boots, lying in the bed (????) or posing.

I imagine how the dialog about this was led.

“Hey guys, let us make a commercial towards women. We are selling boots, right? How can we appeal to women better?”

“Why not sell them boots made especially for them… you know, pink. All the girlZ love pink and will buy anything in pink.”

“Excellent idea… but… you know women are lazy. They are not going to do anything to help themselves and they do not care about their bodies, they do not sport just to please themselves. We need to make them to want to do that. How??”

“Well, we can tell them that it will make their butt look better only by wearing the boots. And that all will notice their butt, men will ooze, other women will be jealous and everybody will be happy!”

“What about homosexual women? And women who do not do things only because it will attract males?”

(Dead silence in the room)

“Oook, let’s begin the the ad. And do not forget all the important things the final piece should be.:

1. Mysogynic

2. Objectifying women

3. Portraying them as sex toys

4. PINK!!!!

5. Male gaze

Ok? Let’s do this!!”

Or at least something very similar to that, I am sure.

By from me, I am going to fetch my axe and meet some people.

See you around.

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