I was looking for the price of local storage, so I did a Google search.

I found the website for a leading UK brand, but it showed no prices or phone numbers so I reluctantly gave all my contact details for them to call me back with a quote.

I also found the website of an independent company which contained all their prices, a handy guide to estimating the size of storage required, and their phone number. I spoke to a friendly chap who answered all my questions and was a pleasure to talk to.

When a bloke from the big business eventually contacted me, he quoted almost twice as much as the independent price, the conversation was aggressively salesy, and they’ve bombarded me with follow-up calls and mailings ever since.

After this experience, I would never choose or recommend the Storage Company named after a colour that rhymes with Mellow. Gotta admit, I have no idea how they ever got so…Big.

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