Last September, I wrote about an artist’s postcard that I didn’t believe would win them any business.

Maybe they read my comments, because this year I received another one.

This time, the front has 20 square images butted together, showing snippets of different art pieces. The instructive heading reads: “See Artists’ Summer Exhibitions 2008″*.

The back has 4 more captioned images and simple details of when the exhibitions are, where they are, and what to do for more information. The type is enlarged and emboldened where necessary for skim-reading.

Well done, that artist! You’ve learned a lesson over these past few months. Either that, or you’ve teamed up with three other artists who do know what they’re doing with their marketing.

*Actually it doesn’t have the apostrophe that it should. I put that in myself. Just couldn’t help it. Sorry!

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