My car was due for its first service, so I phoned my local Audi garage (they call themselves a ‘service centre’). £350 they quoted, brazen as anything.

I asked my friendly local mechanic for an alternative quote. “£85,” he said, “and we’ll use genuine Audi parts.”

I thought I’d better check my leasing arrangement, only to find it invalidates the warranty if I don’t use Audi themselves to do the work.

So I took the car in yesterday. They phoned me halfway through the morning to say it needed a few extra bits and pieces done. I confirmed that would be OK. Then they asked if I wanted the brakes serviced at the same time. For an extra one-hundred-and-something pounds, plus parts.

What, isn’t it all done as part of the overall service?

Apparently not.

And it wasn’t suggested at the time I booked the main service, even though they knew it would be necessary?

Oh no.

So now I’m more than £500 worse off, and feeling very grumpy.

You might be wondering what this experience has to do with this blog. Well, my experience of Audi customer care is a pretty Bad Ad for them.

P.S. And here’s the first reason.

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