Let’s call him Andy (because that’s his name).

Andy likes to rant at the TV – he watches news, political shows, anything down and depressing, and shouts at the screen when he sees or hears something he disagrees with. Which happens a lot.

So it’s quite unusual for him to burst out laughing during the ads.

It happens each time he sees the Domestos ad, with the animated germs in the toilet bowl squealing because they’ve just been squirted with bleach.

He loves the Barclays insurance ad, when the guy hits the indoor golf ball into the ‘hole’ and it rebounds to smash the boss’s plasma TV. In fact, Andy loves this ad so much, he even imitates the actions every time he sees it.

And he roars with laughter when he sees the VW ad with the show-room salesman wearing a stained shirt, because customers splatter their coffee all over him whenever he tells them the (unbelievably low) price.

All these ads have something in common. A touch of surprise, of slapstick humour.

I must admit, they do nothing for me!

Just goes to show, it takes all sorts…

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