I posted on Twitter about some of my favourite e-cards, and Stella Artois responded to ask if I’d post about theirs.

After I got over my amazement, I checked out their link.

My answer is no. Sorry, Stella! It’s much too complicated!

First you have to enter your birthdate to enter the site. Fair enough, it is alcohol after all and there are laws about such things.
Then you have to allow webcam access. Ooer, the webcam’s on the laptop, and I’m working on my desktop computer. I’ll ignore that and carry on anyway.
Then you’re asked to ‘print the marker image’.
Do I need that if I’m not using a webcam? Don’t know, I’ll just view the Flash version.
Oh dear, that’s a bit dull.

What they promise is ‘augmented reality’ where you hold the marker image in front of your webcam and blow into your computer’s microphone to move the snow.

I can’t be bothered. But do let me know if you try it.

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