I’ve been writing this blog for a few years (the archive shows exactly how long). I’d say it’s on its third iteration by now.

It started as my comments on the good, the bad and the ugly in UK advertising. Then I thought, oh no, I’m not taking my own advice and filling it with enough added value! So I changed it to what business-owners can learn from UK advertising, and each post included a hint, tip or message of some kind. Time moved on, and I realised I’d probably shared just about all the advice I can, and that perhaps the blog was missing a bit of personality to fit in with current trends. So more recent posts have included stories about ads and how they impact my real life.

For the future, I’m tempted to stray from its advertising focus into a wider arena. I will continue to write hints and tips about marketing, networking and social media on Ezine Articles. I hope that’s OK with you?

Please let me know either way!

They do say that for every comment received on a blog you can assume 100 readers.

Analytics tells me there have been thousands of visitors over the past years. More on the days when I tweet about a blog post. Most go to the home page (that’s usually the link I send them to from Twitter and everywhere else).

My most popular post ever is Chop chop busy busy work work bang bang. It’s about Laithwaites, so if people are looking for the Penguin ad, I apologise now for any disappointment!

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