In my opinion, there are certain things a man should never see a woman do (in order to keep the romance alive).

1. Using the toilet.

2. Wearing pop socks.

3. Doing any kind of depilation – whether plucking, shaving, creaming or waxing.

So I’m not sure about the new Veet adverts.

We see the girl with one creamy strip on her shin (and then with two creamy ‘footless socks’ in the shower).

Very unattrative. But also very unrealistic.

She’s clearly got no hair on her legs to start with, because we don’t see the cream going grey as it melts those curly strands, or when it gets scraped off in lines with that flat plastic spoon they provide, or when her nose turns up at the smell of singeing…

We do see her bad acting as she poses on the bed, so thrilled she is with her smooth legs.

Oh how I wish it were fashionable for women to be hairy!

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