When working out what keywords to include in your web copy, use the words that your customers will search. Plain English rules! For example, the Government soon realised people don’t search ‘road excise duty’, they search ‘tax disc’ ‘car tax’ or ‘road tax’.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. People might search ‘Buy pink skirt’, so don’t write ‘We sell pink skirts’ from your own point of view. Change it around to: ‘We’re the best place to shop if you want to buy a pink skirt’.

Even better, add handy hints e.g. ‘See our FAQs page for advice and ideas about buying pink skirts’, or ‘How to look after your pink skirt’.

Testimonials are another good opportunity to include keywords seamlessly e.g. ‘I wanted to buy a pink skirt and found the perfect one at PinkSkirtsRUs!’ You can add a heading ‘Buying the perfect pink skirt’ before the testimonial, and a postcode or town afterwards, to make it geographically specific.

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