RestaurantWhen you click a link on a website and a dropdown or popup list appears, it’s called a menu.

That’s not the only reason why I say your website is like a restaurant.

I was recently asked to comment on a client’s leaflet, which listed all 11 services they offer.

Quite sensible, you might think.

Trouble is, the people that want service 1 are probably not interested in services 2 to 11, and vice versa.

With most people being too busy to think, there is no point in distracting and confusing them with irrelevant information.

Back to the restaurant analogy

When you offer someone a menu, you expect them to pick what they want from it.

But first you have to entice them to book a table.

Even before that, they have to know your restaurant exists.

And they have to be in the right area at the right time.

So the objective of your website is to get people through the restaurant door.

To give them a taster of what you offer.

To make them hungry for more.

It’s not there to shove your whole range in their face.

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