My sister had a ‘for sale’ board outside her house for 18 months. During that time, a number of removal firms put their promotional material through her door. One of them stood out above the rest because of the quality of useful information they provided. Good targeting and a worthwhile investment on their part!

Eventually, my sister managed to find a buyer and moved within a few weeks. Guess who did the removal? Yep, the one that had provided her with added value, not the ones that just presented her with a sales message.

These days, people go to the Internet for two reasons: information and entertainment. They don’t go to be sold to. So, that’s what you need to provide on your website.

Add a page or two of free resources, hints and tips, useful articles, FAQs or fun stuff, and watch your Google Analytics to see what happens to your site visitors.

I bet you anything they spend more time on those pages than on any of your selling pages!

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