Alarm 1 There were a number of smoke alarms to choose from but one aspect made me pick this one. Can you guess which?

(A) Because it has a hush button

(B) Because it has a 5-year warranty

(C) Because of the brand name

(D) Because of the price

(E) Because of the copy on the back of the packaging (it’s nice informative copy – I read it)

(F) Because of the helpful diagram showing where alarms should be used in the home

(G) None of the above

Best BuyThe correct answer is (G)

I bought it because of one little sticker reading ‘Best Buy Which? Smoke Alarms October 2013’.

I picked it for one reason – a trusted recommendation.

I’m a busy person. I don’t have time to shop around, do product testing and make decisions.

I trust Which? to do the shopping around, product testing and make a recommendation for me.

Alarm 2I’m very happy with my purchase.

What this means for you

Would your products and services be considered a Which? best buy?

What awards and accreditations can you claim and use as a shortcut for your customers?

How can you simplify their purchase decision?

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