I was at an event that included seminars on various subjects. One seminar was about websites. After 30+ years as a copywriter, and 10+ years writing websites, I’ve written 100s of them! In fact, my next ebook and matching keynote speech is ‘How to write your own website’. You get the idea, I already know a lot about websites. I’m happy to share what I know about websites. I even give my own seminars about websites.

Q. Why would I want to go to someone else’s seminar about websites?

A. Because all the people in the audience are interested in knowing more about websites, of course!

In the Q&A session, a discussion arose about writing headlines and subject lines for email newsletters. After 30+ years as a copywriter, I’ve written 1000s of headlines. So I contributed one of my useful tips: “If you’re stuck for a headline, go to Cosmo Online, or the Daily Express, or whatever magazine or newspaper you and your target clients read. Look at their top ten headlines of the day and change one or two words to make them suit your product or service. Either that, or pay me and I’ll write it for you!”

The audience laughed, the presenter was kind enough to mention that I’m a web copywriter, and a couple of people asked for my card.

When I thanked the presenter afterwards, we were both amazed that there were no other web professionals in the room. What a missed opportunity for them.

Top tip: Next time you get the chance to attend a seminar on your key subject, go along, even if you think you know everything already. Your target audience is sitting right there in the room with you.

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