I was at a networking event where Andy Szebeni was speaking about defining your USP. ‘Life of Brian’ was one of the visual (and aural) aids he used to communicate his main message – be different! The same message that is in my book, my own training courses and my blog.

There were three coaches in the room (I know, wait for ages and they all turn up at once, baboomtish!). So I had a go at writing instant slogans to differentiate each of them:

The strategist who declared that he gets results more quickly than the average coach:

“Coaching with go-faster stripes”

The executive coach who gets all his business via word of mouth:

“Executive coaching by introduction only”

And the one who coaches start-ups, speakers and returners who has a flower for a logo;

“Helping you to bloom and grow”


“Coaching with blooming good results”

There was also a specialist in organisational development, who defined ‘lateral thinking’ as her USP:

“A right brain approach to solving left brain issues”

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