sniglet is word made up to describe something for which no dictionary word exists. The term was conceived by comedian Rich Hall in the 1980s TV comedy series Not Necessarily the News. Some examples:

  • Aquadextrous: Possessing the ability to turn the bathtub faucet with the toes.
  • Castcapers: Dead actors who appear on television.
  • Chwads: Discarded gum found beneath tables and countertops.
  • Essoasso: One who swerves through a service station to avoid a red light.
  • Glutetic chair: The chair design found in movie theaters.
  • Icelanche: When ice at the bottom of an upturned glass suddenly moves toward the mouth as one attempts to finish drinking the liquid.
  • Jokesult: When someone insults you, you call them on it, and they say, “It was just a joke.”
  • Larry: A frayed toothbrush.
  • Premblememblemation: The act of checking that a letter is in a mailbox after it has been dropped.
  • Profanitype: Symbols used by cartoonists to replace swear words.
  • Snackmosphere: The pocket of air found inside snack and/or potato chip bags.
  • Terma helper: The extra verbiage used to stretch a 600-word essay to the required 1000.
  • Toboggan hagen: a large ice cream sundae.
Categories: Wordy humour

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