Recycling plantOn the train into London at the weekend, I passed a recycling plant boldly displaying the slogan: “The power to recycle rubbish into heat and light in London”.

It got me thinking about the point of slogans. Surely it’s to tell people who don’t know you, what you do. People who do know you, already know what you do.

Do you think everybody commuting by train will instantly think that “power” means heat and light? It’s one of those words that has multiple meanings.

Perhaps, this particular example doesn’t need the pun “the power to”. You only use puns when you want to be clever.

Here are some alternatives that explain the situation more clearly:

  • Recycling rubbish to power London
  • Recycling rubbish into power for London
  • Energising London by recycling rubbish

If your slogan explains clearly enough what you do, people who don’t know you, then will know – and your slogan will have done its job.

Does your business have a slogan? If yes, does it describe you clearly?

photo credit: KennethMoyle via cc


MarketingLens · November 18, 2013 at 2:11 pm

They can be very effective. One of my favourites is with their ‘I wonder what they do?’ I saw a lorry last week with ‘Straight to the point’ which I thought was good.

I think they can create brand loyalty if customers really relate to the message. They can also have a team bonding effect if the company as a whole helps to choose the message.

There are some very poor slogans but generally I think they are effective. My personal bugbear is vans sign written with a company name and absolutely no indication of what they do. What’s the point?

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