paddle QR codes* are not often used with much imagination.

Some businesses print a QR code on the back of their business card. When scanned, it merely takes people to the home page of their website.

Better to design a special landing page, and give people a reason to scan the code in the first place. For example, a special offer on the label of a bottle of wine.

One place I saw QR codes used creatively was on the Natchez paddle steamer on the Mississippi River in New Orleans. As you walk around the decks, you can scan strategically placed QR codes to hear an interesting commentary about each part of the boat.

Another is the customer satisfaction survey card in Zizzi restaurants.

And I blogged about my favourite example here.

How have you seen QR codes used? Please comment.

* QR stands for Quick Response.  To make them work, you need to download a free QR reader to your smartphone.

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