You have probably heard about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Ecademy. But can business-owners really use them to make money? Yes. Especially when your online activity links to a blog, a newsletter and a website that add value.

People buy people

Just like face-to-face networking, online networking is about building relationships. It’s about changing strangers into friends, fans and followers. It’s not about the hard sell, pushing your wares out there. It’s about the soft sell, making yourself so attractive that buyers come to you.

Social media websites are proving an increasingly important route to market for me. For example, I met one of my key introducers on Ecademy. An ex-client came back to me when we re-connected on LinkedIn. And a new client responded to my blog critiquing their advert by booking me to do some copywriting. On FaceBook, I can enter into a dialogue with new people. They become aware of what I do for a living. And, when the opportunity arises, those that like me will recommend me. Because of Twitter, my website gets more hits, my blog gets more readers, and my newsletter gets more subscribers. And I get more business!

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you

With advertising, it’s said that your brand name needs to be seen at least 18 times before it’s in the front of people’s minds. By undertaking some online marketing activity, you can get your brand personality out there as often as you please. And the best news is that it costs you nothing except time.

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