I resigned my membership from my local health club because they withdrew one of the dance classes I attend regularly, and it was no longer worth it.

They demand three months’ notice (even though they only gave one month’s notice that the class was being cancelled). Sure enough, the contract does not commit them to offering any particular classes.

I handed in my resignation letter, but didn’t even receive an acknowledgement, let alone a courtesy call asking why I was leaving and whether there was anything they could do to convince me to stay.

Shame. If they’d played it differently, I might still leave but would be more likely to encourage others to join.

I sent an email to object. A few days days later, they called to say ‘Your membership will expire at the end of November.”

Oh no it won’t!

I was careful to ensure my letter was handed in at the end of July, so my membership expires at the end of October.

I had to kick up quite a fuss, but eventually, she agreed.

Given such appalling customer service, I won’t miss it.

Yes, David Lloyd Beckenham. I’m taking about YOU.

After complaining to the manager, they have reinstated the dance class on another day, agreed to display posters to promote it, and have sent a letter about my resignation. Too little, too late? I haven’t decided.

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Jackie Barrie, Writing Without Waffle · March 21, 2012 at 2:42 pm

Answering Message #FailOK, so I stayed. But when I phoned the club recently, the recorded message said: "Extension number 6162 does not answer right now".Their customer service is not getting any better 🙁

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