One word stood out for me in Dee Blick’s Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book: Charming.

Have you heard the expression ‘To charm the birds off the trees’? Your job in producing marketing copy, is to charm the target market into buying.

If you are charming in the words you use in person at networking meetings, when talking on the phone, and in writing on your website, sales letters and emails, you will charm your audience. Once they are charmed, they are more likely to buy from you.

I’ve always thought of it as ‘just being friendly and nice’ (as stated in my own Little Fish Guide to Networking), but I’ve realised that’s more about me than it is about my customers. If I follow my own rule that copy should be more about your customers than about yourself, I’d call it ‘being charming’ too.

Being charming is the secret to magical marketing.

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