Did you know that communication is all about engagement?

  • Engaging readers via the written word on screen or in print
  • Engaging audiences via the spoken word at on-site talks and training sessions
  • Engaging participants online via activities they undertake

One of the ways you can grab attention and engage site visitors is by including a quiz on your homepage. I’m writing them increasingly often for our web copy clients. It seems to be the New Big Thing.

Example quizzes:

  • Sliding-scale quiz to determine if the site visitor is a good match to your service by getting them to agree or disagree with a series of statements (that’s what we did for Plan100)
  • Fun quiz where the site visitor can assess their own ‘type’ in line with your expertise (that’s what we’re doing for a branding agency)
  • Multiple-choice quiz to assess the level of understanding of the site visitor by asking them a series of questions (that’s what we’re about to do for a training provider)

Have a go

Discover your creative personality with Adobe’s visually arresting test (in case you’re wondering, no, my team didn’t work on this):


Learning from quizzes

Rather than just making site visitors passively read your copy or watch your videos, you can learn something useful from their entries:

  • Personality quizzes give you insight into your site visitors so you can hone your future marketing to suit them
  • Skill-test quizzes help you craft relevant content to fill the gaps
  • Risk-assessment quizzes expose vulnerabilities that site visitors might avoid by buying your product or service
  • Self-select quizzes help site visitors choose the right product or service by answering a series of questions (and might help reduce the amount of pre-sale Q&A you have to do)

Another benefit of quizzes

You can use quizzes for lead generation when you get anyone who completes the quiz to give you their email address in return for receiving their answers – a personalised report, perhaps.

If you do this, remember GDPR – you have to make clear exactly what they’ll get in return for giving you their precious email address, and not send them anything other than that.

Have a go

I’ve set up a Pantone puzzle for you. Without Googling, can you guess their Color of the Year 2022? It’s one of these six:

Pantone swatches

Scroll down to the end of this article to see if your guess is correct.

Case study: Online interaction

Ages ago, I had a client who sold security systems. He’d done every kind of marketing he could think of, but nothing interactive.

I came up with the idea of including a game on his homepage. Site visitors had to drag fire alarms and burglar alarms onto a factory floorplan diagram. If they’d protected the building effectively, they’d see a ‘congratulations’ message. If not, cartoon fires would break out and animated burglars would break in, and they’d get the message that perhaps my client knew more about protecting buildings than they did.

What this means to you

You can have a bespoke quiz coded as part of your web development, or use an existing quiz platform.

Whatever you choose needs to be simple, clear, fun, on-brand, mobile-friendly… and useful.

Interaction can be fun, but whatever you do has to be relevant. There has to be a point, otherwise it’s (literally) pointless.

If you’d like some ideas to suit your own brand, product or service, give me a call.

Pantone puzzle

The answer is Very Peri. Did you get it right?

For interest, here are their previous winners.

Past colours of the year

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