My chiropractor is about to emigrate to Australia, which reminded me of these, some of my favourite Aussie-English translations:

Arvo: Afternoon
Bludger: Lazy person
Bonzer: Good/great
Boomer: Large kangaroo/anything big
Bowser: Petrol pump
Brumby: Wild horse
Bunyip: Mythical creature
Cark-it: Die
Carry on: Lark about
Chook: Chicken
Chunder: Vomit
Cobber: Friend
Comfort station: Toilet
Cove: Chap/fellow
Crook: Sick/out of order
Dill: Idiot
Dinkum: Genuine/honest
Drongo: Worthless person
Duds: Best clothes
Emu-bob: Session picking up litter
Esky: Portable ice-box
Fossick: Have a look around
Garbo: Dustman
Good oil: Information
Humpy: Shanty/shack
Jumbuck: Sheep
Larrikin: Hooligan/ruffian
Lollies: Sweets
Nong: Idiot
Rouseabout: Farm labourer
Rubbedy: Pub
Rugged up: Wrapped up against the cold
Skivvy: Polo-neck top
Slygrogging: Illicit drinking
Snag: Sausage
Strides: Men’s trousers
Stubby: Small, squat beer bottle/pair of shorts
Thongs: Flip-flops
Underground mutton: Rabbit
Welter: Habit/overdo something
Willy-willy: Cyclone/tropical storm
Wowser: Spoilsport/puritan

Source: Australian-English compiled by Anthea Bickerton, Abson Books

Categories: Wordy humour

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