How would you rewrite these instructions?

Land's End

In olden times, one of the things I used to do was write and design home shopping order forms and returns forms and suchlike. And it frustrates me no end when I do online shopping these days and their stationery is more confusing than it needs to be.

I call it the ‘back end’ of copywriting. It’s just as important to tone of voice and customer experience as the glossy ‘front end’ advertising and marketing copy, but not so glamorous. I made be odd, but I quite enjoy it.

So here’s how I would rewrite the first bit of these instructions…

How do I return my parcel?

You have three options.

OPTION 1. Have your parcel collected by an Evri courier
Cost = £2.70 including VAT

Go to [Evri URL] > Return a parcel
Type in your order ID and email address to print your returns label.

Stick the returns label on the package, making sure you do not cover the Land’s End return address.

OPTION 2. Drop off your parcel at an Evri Parcelshop
Cost = £2.70 including VAT

You can print a returns label at home as described in Option 1, or get it printed at the Parcelshop.

To print your label at the Parcelshop, you will need the QR code or reference number.

OPTION 3. Take your parcel to the Post Office
Cost = 2nd class post

No need to print anything. Simply use the returns label overleaf. Ensure you get a receipt to keep as proof of posting until we confirm we’ve received your returned parcel.

P.S. The returns process is complicated by the fact that the website says you can also return via an Evri locker, but the form doesn’t. If this were a real life copywriting job, I’d make sure the instructions were consistent. But it isn’t (that is, I’m not getting paid for this advice), so I won’t.

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