You can’t have failed to notice that the Olympic Games comes to London in 2012.

Sprinter, James Ellington, is part of the men’s 4x100m team and is running in the individual 200m.

Formerly a Bromley-based athletics coach, when looking for £30,000 in sponsorship last year, he resorted to auctioning himself on eBay. Top marks for creativity! And a lesson to all of us that you have to think of new and original ways to get what you want.

Unfortunately, all the top bidders turned out to be fake. According to my local paper, Will King of King of Shaves came to his rescue.

That’s not the first time I’ve mentioned Will King – I also tell the following story on social media courses that I run:

A friend of mine tweeted that he was unhappy with his Azor razor. Will was monitoring mentions of his products on Twitter, and tweeted my friend to apologise and offer him a free sample of an alternative model for him to review. Instead of being unhappy, he converted my friend into an ambassador.

As you may have heard, if someone receives good service, they might tell three people. If they receive bad service, they might tell ten. But, if they receive bad service that is put right beyond their expectations, they tell 30. (That doesn’t mean you should cause problems just to fix them.) And now, I’m telling you.

Will King is an example of great marketing and deserves a follow @kingofshaves.

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