People search the Internet for two main things: entertainment and information. And if you’re selling online, you want to be found. But how?

One useful resource is Wordtracker. Simply type in a keyword or phrase relating to your business and click the Search button. You will see related questions and find out how frequently they are being asked online. You can then ensure your web copy answers those questions so all those searchers find you! As an experienced web copywriter, of course I can help with that (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

“Just read your article regarding keywords on websites.  While keywords do have a minimal effect, Google admitted that they do not use the Keyword Meta Tag some time ago and there is a whole range of other reasons why search engine optimisation works on site. The main ones are that the Page Title (meta tag) and the (story title) contain the same words. Search engines only read the first 225 characters of a description tag for a page, which means the sentence chosen to best describe the content of a page is used within the description meta-tag. There are also other items to take into account like how popular the page is, links in from other websites and how quickly the page loads.”

Paul Collins

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