Clunk click, every trip.

In these days of online marketing, it’s all about the click (or ‘tap’ for people using a touchscreen device).

You might be tweeting and posting regular Facebook updates, all with the hope of a clickthrough to your blog or website where you convert clicks to sales.

Once on your website, you might want to direct people from your home page to your product page to your ‘buy now’ button or contact details.

But what words are most likely to get people to click where you want them to?

Don’t click here

Search engines give extra weight to phrases that are clickable, so there is no value in using ‘Click here‘ (despite being commonly used). It’s better to write ‘Click here for more about mortgages’, for example.

Power to the people

Power has shifted from the supplier to the buyer. Instead of instructing people what to do, you have to give them the information they need to make their own decision.

Read more‘ is a top-down order.

Continue reading‘ is a bottom-up option.

 Top tip: Reword your links to get more clicks

photo credit: timsamoff via photopin cc

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