I’ve rarely seen so many clichés in one piece of text:

  • “Working in partnership”
  • “Integral part of the team”
  • “Only ever as good as our last job”
  • “No matter how big or small”
  • “Going that extra mile”

What’s more, all these phrases are meaningless. Every supplier wants to ‘work in partnership’ with their clients. They all want to ‘build a lasting relationship’. Of course they want to be ‘an integral part of the team’. Suppliers just want clients’ money, on an ongoing basis!

If you want to say that you ‘go the extra mile’, that you do projects large and small, and that your last job was pretty good actually, don’t tell me, show me! Clients need to see evidence or they just won’t believe you.

Top tip: If you can’t think of anything original to say, don’t say it! (Or pay a professional, like wot I is, to write compelling copy for you.)

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