Flannel FingersEmily and Dave struggled every time they bathed their young daughters, trying to hold the soap, a flannel (washcloth), and a slippery wriggling child all at the same time.

So they designed some unique bath gloves to make bathtime safer and easier. That’s right. Gloves. Not mitts. They’re made of organic cotton flannel fabric blended with a touch of polyester. So they’re soft, not rough like exfoliating gloves.

They needed an e-commerce website to bring the product to market, so that’s what I created for them, using a simple, friendly and chatty tone of voice* to match the visual branding. I also designed a Facebook header, and am advising on their entire digital marketing campaign.

With my background in home shopping – 18 years at Freemans catalogue – I know how to sell off the page or screen, and writing for B2C retailers is still one of my favourite things.

Launched yesterday, the first orders all went through automatically without a hitch. Phew!

Visit the site at FlannelFingers.co.uk

Who do you know that is launching a new product? I may be able to help them too.

* My favourite style of copywriting

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