A few years ago, I left the house all of a hurry, not realising I’d locked my keys inside. Durr. When I got home and rummaged in my handbag – oh no! No keys. I was locked out of my own home.

What I needed was a Bromley locksmith.

It was the days before smart phones. So I phoned my Dad who looked in the Yellow Pages and gave me the number of a few Bromley locksmiths. I phoned the one who lived round the corner from me in Beckenham.

Andy Taylor, the Bromley locksmith soon turned up with his trusty locksmith kit, and broke in scarily quickly.

Locksmith in BromleyWhile we were chatting, he discovered that I work on websites, and asked me for help with his. So I wrote and designed this simple website for him.

I love it when suppliers become clients, don’t you?

Today, it’s getting locked in that’s the problem – I can’t do it!

The front door was redecorated recently and a new lock was fitted. Then the door was rehung. Unfortunately, the new lock is failing to do what locks are designed to do, and the front door no longer shuts at all.

Happily, my tried and trusted Bromley locksmith is already on his way.

I love it when clients become suppliers. Don’t you?

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