Someone who doesn’t let the moths out of his wallet: A tight-fisted person
Rafferty’s Rules: Anything goes
Beyond the rabbit-proof fence: At the back of beyond
She’s sweet/she’s apples/she’ll be right: Everything’s OK
Get into second gear/rattle your dags: Get a move on
Go for your life: go ahead
Home and hosed: In the bag
Am I ever!: Not half!
A one-pot screamer: Weak-headed/Someone who can’t hold drink
Spit the dummy: throw in the spnge/give in
A bunch of fives: To square up/threaten with fist
Two spits and a jump: Within spitting distance
Don’t come the raw prawn: You can’t fool me

Source: Australian-English compiled by Anthea Bickerton, Abson Books

Categories: Wordy humour

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