Dear Clients,

When I write copy for you, I spend quite a lot of time. I draw on my skill, qualifications and over 30 years of experience to research your business, your customers and your competitors, and then craft words that will work. Then I edit what I’ve written. Then I tweak it some more. When I’m finally happy I really can’t do any better, I send the draft to you.

What you get is words that represent your unique brand personality, make you stand out from the rest, and contain the psychological triggers that will cause the reader to take the action you want them to take.

Every word is there for a reason.

Despite that, I’m not precious. I’m not going to argue with you about the position of a full stop, or whether a sentence can start with ‘And’ or ‘But’.

I’m happy to change the copy when there’s a good reason to do so.

So don’t dive in and rewrite it yourself.

If you want to change anything, just ask me. That gives me the chance to explain why things are the way they are, or we can agree what needs to be changed.

There’s a well-known saying: “Don’t hire a dog then bark yourself”.

In this scenario, I’m the dog.


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