“Welcome to my website. Please wipe your feet – there’s a mat over there, by the front door. Now, do come in, but please take off your shoes because it’s a pale-coloured carpet and you might have been walking in something nasty.”

Q. What is wrong with that paragraph?
A. The analogy just doesn’t work.

So why do so many people insist on writing ‘Welcome to my website’ on their home page (over 2 million at the last count)?

Two problems:

1. ‘Welcome to my website’ is dated and meaningless
2. ‘Welcome to my website’ gives you no SEO* benefit

The main heading on any web page is most likely tagged H1** in the code – the H1 tag is one of the things that Google looks at to help decide what are the most important key words on the page and therefore where to list that page in search results.

If you want to be found for a search of ‘Penge Plumbers’, first use Google’s free keyword tool. You may find that people actually search ‘Plumber in Penge’ more than ‘Penge Plumbers’. I haven’t checked so I don’t know if that’s true – but if it is, you’d want your main heading to include the words ‘Plumber in Penge’.

For more help with SEO copywriting and web copywriting for human beings, give me a call on 0845 899 0258.

*SEO = Search Engine Optimisation
**H1 = Heading 1

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