1. Use ‘friend lists’ to send separate status updates

Go to your Profile

> Friends

> Edit friends

Choose ‘All friends’ from the dropdown list

> Create a list

(Or hover beside each x symbol to ‘Edit lists’ you have already created)

Click the Facebook logo and write your status update

Click the padlock symbol

> Custom

Under ‘Make this visible to’ choose ‘Specific people’

Type the name of your list e.g. ‘work’ or ‘home’

> Save setting

> Share

To check that it has worked the way you want…

Go to Account

> Privacy settings

> Customise settings

> Preview my profile

Type the name of an individual from your list/s, to see what they see when they look at your profile

2. Create a Facebook Page

Your Profile collects Friends; while your Page collects Likes (previously known as Fans). Your Page must be connected to your Profile (although if you don’t click to ‘Like’ your own Page, no-one will know you have anything to do with it).

Click the Facebook logo top left

> Adverts and Pages (which may be under ‘More’ in the left hand column) OR Search for ‘Pages’ and click the icon that looks like blue and green speech bubbles (NOT the icon that says ‘App’).

> Create Page


Local business or place


Company, organisation or institution


Brand or product


Cause or community

Choose Category

Name your page after your company (or for SEO)

N.B. Your Page Name Must Have Initial Capitals or Facebook Will Reject It!

Tick T&Cs

Get started

[EDIT: Since the launch of Google+ circles, Facebook has now changed the way it manages friend lists]

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