Lifestyle copywriting

When you’re writing for high-end clients, you need to use a different tone of voice than you would for mass market.

Customers who have a lot of money to spend are more likely to choose a brand, product or service due to word-of-mouth recommendation than to be pulled in by ‘traditional’ marketing tricks.

Your copy, therefore, needs to explain the selling points but in a respectful, informative way. Give them the information, but don’t sound desperate. You can’t ‘hard sell’ to them. You want to sound exclusive and special.

JenniferMeet your lifestyle copywriter

As a journalist and copywriter, Jennifer has written for a men’s fashion and style magazine, a classic single malt whisky brand, and an award-winning cheese and chutney company. Her core skill is writing for luxury brands, including ads, web copy, brochure copy, product names and descriptions, blog posts and social media updates.

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