Copywriting for retail

Need a tone of voice that reflects your uniqueness while standing out from the rest and attracting your target customers? Want top-level copy to promote your retail outlet or e-commerce store? Need short and sweet (or long and interesting) product descriptions that really sell?

Retail copywriting is an art. Your copywriter needs to understand the voice of your brand, find the key selling points for each of your products, and then express them in an interesting way that – most importantly – triggers more sales.

The copy we create for our retail clients is as hard-working as you are.

Kay: Copywriting for retailMeet your retail copywriter

As a journalist and copywriter, Kay specialises in writing retail copy.

She can flex her writing style from lighthearted and mainstream to prestigious and top-end. Just let us know what you need, or ask us to devise a unique tone of voice to match your brand.

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