Copywriting for care, social care & alternative medicine

With an aging and health-conscious population, there’s an increasing demand for care, social care and alternative medicine. But how do you ‘sell’ these services without promising a ‘cure’? The answer is by careful copywriting.

When you’re promoting anything to do with care, social care or alternative medicine, you have to be conscious of the guidelines as well as employing the secrets of successful selling.

That’s where we’ll help.

Our copywriting is underpinned by a journalistic approach. This means the copy we write for you is fact-filled and fluff-free to persuade potential customers of the benefits (without over-promising).

Mary, copywriter for care sectorMeet your care, social care & alternative medicine copywriter

Mary interviews and writes press releases, newsletters, blogs, articles, case histories, feature pieces, advertorials and marketing emails for the care and social care sector. She also writes articles for the alternative medicine sector, for treating humans and animals.

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