copywriter mentoring

Are you a freelance copywriter? Or aspiring to become one? Ever wanted to pick the brains (metaphorically) of a more experienced copywriter?

You can ask Jackie anything, and she’ll give you instant, practical and inspiring answers.

Don’t know how to find clients? Not sure how much to charge? Want feedback on draft copy you’ve written?

Jackie Barrie has been a professional copywriter since 1983, and freelancing since 2001, so there’s not much she hasn’t experienced. She has loads of stories to tell and advice to share. Mentoring with Jackie will help support your copywriting business, inform your decision-making and boost your confidence.

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Confident Freelance Copywriting starts April 2021

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“Your information was so insightful and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciated being on a video call with a real person as opposed to a pre-recorded video room with chatbots. Thank you for providing relevant, beneficial information.”

Schuyler Esen