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My cat begging readers to buy my new book

Copywriting Q&A

Want to know how to find freelance copywriting clients? Charge the right fee? Write better copy?

The advice in this book will help you start and grow your freelance copywriting business. (Not suitable for clients.)

More than 100 valuable tips go from business challenges every freelance copywriter is sure to face sometime to useful ways to improve your writing skills. Written in a no-nonsense style, Jackie has brought her advice to life by sharing real-life examples from her decades working as a copywriter and freelancer.

As one grateful reader put it: “Got a problem? Scan the contents list and you’ll find your question answered – often in less than a page. I wish I had this book 20 years ago when I started out as a copywriter. Keep it close and I promise it’ll get you out of trouble sooner than you think.”

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What readers say

I have just read it. In Jackie Barrie ‘s style: super useful. Highly recommended!!!”
George Chieza

“So good, even though I’m a digital marketer rather than a writer all the advice about how to sell yourself, set rates, deal with clients etc. is gold. Love the style too, so succinct and direct, no waffle. Thank you Jackie.”
Chris Dann

“Outstanding advice written from experience, in an easy-read format.
This book should be required reading for copywriters. It’s written in a straightforward, informative style and broken down into bite-sized topics so it’s really easy to dip into quickly and come away with something new. Jackie clearly understands the trials and tribulations of being a copywriter and this book offers support and encouragement on every page – with some valuable tips thrown in for good measure. Highly recommended.”
Bridget Cordy

Paul Cockburn

Paul Cockburn: another happy customer

At the copywriter social

At the April 2023 copywriter social

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