Why everything you know about websites has changed

Not so many years ago, businesses didn’t need to worry about having a website at all. Then they realised it was essential to be found on the Internet, and reproduced their brochures as static web pages.

The first web developers were mostly techie, and created sites that worked but maybe didn’t look very pretty. Then creative web designers got involved, and built sites that looked great but maybe weren’t as effective as they could be. For example, splash pages coded in Flash that can’t be read by search engines or on mobiles, and that meant one extra click for human visitors before they can even enter the site, which of course is an opportunity to lose them.

Now, web marketers and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts influence site design to ensure the structure is simple and easy to navigate, the code compliant, the layout clean and clear, and the copy informative, keyword-rich and with strong calls-to-action.


Going viral

Advertisers dream of producing an ad that’s so creative, so compelling, that their friends, fans and followers pass it around amongst themselves (at no further cost to the advertiser) so they reach a wider audience and ultimately, sell more stuff. However, those that try to ‘go viral’ rarely do. After Read more…